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Is someone out there? Watching? Waiting?

Not Mine 

To Take

Bestselling novelist Erin Moran had the perfect life until now.


After ten years of blissful marriage, learning of her husband’s infidelity, Erin’s world is ripped apart leaving her devastated.


When a misdirected birthday gift forces her to confront her husband’s affair, her life, marriage and career unravel. 


Spiralling on a whirlwind of hurt, under intense pressure from her agent to rewrite her rejected latest novel, and with only her faithful dog for companionship, Erin seeks sanctuary and solace on an idyllic tidal island on the West Coast of Scotland.


What starts out as an escape, with the hope of creating a new life, soon becomes something far more sinister.


When her car inexplicably breaks down, stranded, cut off from the mainland twice a day by the tides, terrified, alone and imprisoned on the island, her imagination runs wild. Random, unexplained events force her to question her sanity.


Are rumours of murder pedalled by locals baseless gossip? Is someone out there? Watching? Waiting? Will Erin ever escape her island prison?

Available May 2021
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Not Hers To Take

Is a life for a life too high a price to pay?

Someone wants a part of Ruby.


Rebel, Ruby Harper, is the black sheep of the family. She’s always felt second best. Never good enough. 


When her estranged sister visits the florist shop where she is manager making unrealistic demands, Ruby is left reeling. But life is never that simple. Haunted by the past, unable to forgive and forget, Ruby outright refuses to help. 


But Ruby’s decision has grave consequences…


When the seemingly perfect man enters her life, Ruby puts her sister’s request to the back of her mind and finally finds happiness. Or so she thinks…


But her sister won’t let it lie. She can’t…


When her boss at the florists questions her lover’s credentials, Ruby fears she has misjudged his intentions. His suffocating affections only increase her paranoia. As does her sister’s increasingly unhinged behaviour.  


Who can she trust? Her sister? Lover? Is it time for Ruby to turn the tables on those who might want her dead?

Available May 2021

Not Theirs To Take

Some secrets are best left buried.

Empty nester Sally Tate lives her life for everyone else. Things need to change.


After decades of working in a Michelin starred restaurant, promised then denied an equity stake, Sally is incandescent with rage. 


She didn’t plan to create a scandal. To embarrass her boss in front of a restaurant packed with diners paying exorbitant prices for a menu that would barely fill the belly of a toddler. 


But he pushed her buttons once too often that day… And well… It’s done now! No point crying over spilt milk…


Returning home to an empty apartment, she hits the bottle. After a furious row with her husband, Sally resolves it’s time to put her own needs first, and follow her dream to open a restaurant on the picturesque Cornish coast. With her husband stubbornly refusing to join her, for reasons she can’t fathom, Sally leaves London without him.


Alone in a creepy, dilapidated boathouse, strange things happen.


Haunted by her past, with unfriendly locals closing ranks around her, and with the fine line between what’s real and imagined blurred, Sally’s new life is a waking nightmare.


Compelled to unlock the dark secrets of the nearby town, Sally investigates and rapidly finds herself entangled in a mysterious conspiracy of kidnap, rape and murder.


Can Sally solve the mystery before she too becomes a victim? Will she achieve her dream? Will she save her marriage? 

The Third Sister

Jenny's sister is missing. And so is her secret.

Jenny Payne lives in the shadow of her sisters. 

After years of caring for her chronically ill mother, having put her own life on hold, Jenny feels invisible. 

Late one night after a long shift at work, angry after an altercation with their boss, Jenny and her younger sister are involved in a hit-and-run.

When Jenny comes to, her sister has mysteriously disappeared, and she has a vague recollection of a whispered secret. From her hospital bed, she pieces together her sister’s secret life and wonders if the hit-and-run was an accident, or a deliberate act? 

Returning home to her overbearing mother, unsure whether her younger sister is still alive, Jenny succumbs to debilitating depression.

Weeks later, after another family tragedy, Jenny’s older sister returns – like the ‘prodigal daughter’ – and plans to find their missing sister without Jenny’s help. 

Having lost her job, ostracised and alone, with her older sister searching for their missing sister, Jenny retreats within herself. When their landlord’s wife shows a sudden unhealthy interest in the family, Jenny suspects some wider conspiracy. 


Will her missing sister be found alive? Will her secrets be revealed? Is her older sister here to stay? Will Jenny ever be free to live the life she craves?

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