Not Mine 

To Take

What if your hopes and dreams become your worst nightmare?

When bestselling novelist Erin Moran discovers her husband’s infidelity, the threads holding together her life, ten-year marriage and career, start to unravel.


Under pressure from her agent and best friend, Olivia Pope, to rewrite her rejected latest novel, Erin seeks sanctuary on Scalaig – an idyllic tidal island on the west coast of Scotland.


Broken and depressed, with only her faithful golden retriever Bella for company, Erin settles in for a summer of renewal at her beloved Scalaig Lodge. What starts out as an escape soon becomes something far more sinister.


The locals in the nearby town of Scaloon, seem resentful of her presence, and Erin can’t understand why?


Alone and isolated, cut off from the mainland twice a day, Erin’s imagination runs wild. 


Are the rumours of kidnap and murder the stuff of legend perpetuated to scare away strangers and interlopers? Or is Erin being warned off?


After a series of unexplained events, Erin questions her sanity…


Is someone out there? Is someone watching her every move? Is someone biding their time?

Available May 2021

Not Hers To Take

All lives are precious. Are some lives more precious than others?

Ruby Harper is lost…


Betrayed by the man she loves, ostracised by her wealthy mother and high-flying sister, Ruby runs away to a world populated by drug users and abusive men.


When her mother dies prematurely, Ruby finds the strength to rebuild her shattered life and start anew.


But life is never that simple… Ruby has something precious... Something people want… 


Who can she trust?


Her sister? Her best friend? Her lover?


Who stands to gain the most from Ruby’s death?

Available May 2021

Not Theirs To Take

What do you do when it’s time to move on, but your past won’t let you?

Fifty-one-year-old London restaurant maitre de Sally Tate is dying inside.

Denied an equity stake in the Michelin starred restaurant where she has worked for thirty years, Sally decides the time is right to chase her dream of owning a seafood restaurant on a picturesque Cornish headland.


Keen to progress and complete The Point At Point Tregan, Sally finds herself confused and disillusioned by husband Greg’s sudden, stubborn reluctance to move the development forward. After a furious argument, resolving to go it alone, Sally leaves London without Greg.


Alone in a dilapidated boathouse on an isolated headland, with too much time on her hands, haunted by her past, and with the local community closing ranks around her, Sally’s supercharged imagination starts to run wild…


The fine line between what’s real and imagined, the past and the present, starts to blur…


When she discovers four girls have gone missing in the local area over the previous decades, Sally starts to ask around…


Her dream becomes a waking nightmare…

Available March 2022