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Promises, Promises
With Menaces



How far would you go to keep a promise?

After Kate and best friend Rose take revenge on their abuser at boarding school, their lives become macabrely connected forever.


Years later, Kate’s father reveals decades old secrets. The veneer of middle-class respectability fractures. A childhood promise is stretched to breaking. A family implodes.


When Kate’s father is found murdered, DI Alan Wardell unravels a complex web of desire, betrayal and greed. More family members are murdered…


Will Wardell catch the brutal serial killer before Kate becomes his next victim?


A roller coaster ride of raw emotion, which builds towards a breath-taking climax.



With Menaces

What would you do if you lost everything?

Cast on the scrap heap by his employers, pitied and despised by his soon-to-be ex-wife, Gavin Clark starts to lose his mind.


Homeless and hungry, Gavin gets caught up in the seedy underworld of a bleak seaside town at the end of the line.


As he descends in the abyss, Gavin hatches a sinister scheme to heap revenge on those he believes have wronged him.


He becomes a vigilante on the wrong side of the law.


Can Wardell untangle the dark psychology and motives of a vengeful and elusive serial killer, before more lives are destroyed?


A powerful story of hate, anger and revenge…






Would you make a bargain with the Devil?

A teenage affair in a church run boarding school attracts the wrath of priests and nuns… A pregnancy prematurely ended… A crime hushed up… A bargain made…


Years later, a suicide prompts disturbing allegations of historic sex abuse to surface…


A series of mysterious murders of boarding school friends…


Only one remains… 


Wardell investigates the heinous decades old crimes and races to outwit a serial assassin before unholy secrets are taken to the grave...


A darkly compelling, yet ultimately heart-warming story of love, power and conspiracy, which will enthral and entertain the reader, to the final paragraph…

Murder at 

Devil's Bridge

A D.I. Wardell Novella



When adulteress Claire Tomlinson is found murdered at a local beauty 

spot, suspicion falls upon her husband, Drew, and her lover, Owen.


But things aren’t quite that simple.  


Both men deny involvement in the killing and profess their innocence...

Can Detective Inspector Alan Wardell unravel this complex tale

of lust, anger and revenge?


The Celtic Cross Killer

One family. Three generations.

Seven murders.

It is January 2005. New York is blanketed by snow. A killer driven by hatred roams the streets of Brooklyn. 


Brooklyn pizzeria owner Ernest Costa leads a normal life. His business is thriving. He has a beautiful wife, and everything to live for. Returning home from work one freezing night, his life is snuffed out by a brutal and frenzied knife attack in a dark alley. His throat is slashed. A Celtic cross is slit deep across his back. Is the cross the signature of a psychopath? A recidivist who will strike again? Or is it an isolated attack? Someone knows the killer’s identity…


Two years pass. The murder investigation stalls. Fingers are pointed at the senior detectives leading the manhunt. Removed from the case by his superiors, disgruntled NYPD Detective Antonio Pecarro decides to leave the force he once loved. He resigns and sets up as a private investigator.  


Another body defiled with the same signature is discovered within sight of the victim’s home. The victim’s wife witnesses the killer leaving the scene. The killer’s modus operandi is identical. Both victims are of Italian American heritage, of similar age and social standing. Is there a deranged serial killer driven by a compulsion to kill and bad blood walking the streets? Someone who will stop killing only when they are captured?


The investigation is re-launched. Criminal Psychologist Gerard Tooley is brought in. Progress is anaemic. Tensions bubble. Tooley is ‘cut-free’ from the team to pursue his own lines of investigation. Progress is made…


The heartbroken wife of the second victim decides to take matters into her own hands. She commissions P.I. Antonio Pecarro to identify and apprehend her husband’s killer.


Another murder striking at the heart of the NYPD happens…


Will Pecarro solve the riddle before the NYPD and catch the serial killer before he strikes again? 


The Celtic Cross Killer is a complex fast-paced historical crime thriller with a twist that will keep the reader guessing until its breath-taking climax.

Beyond Absolution
Murder At Devil's Bridge
The Celtic Cross Killer
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